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What is epoda home?


epoda home is a tool you can use at any time to re-establish your home's position on the energy scale.

The aim is to reduce your bills through saving energy, but with this solution you'll also see a detailed report that's specific to your home. You'll be able to pick the products you want to install and view how each of them will perform in your home, with a detailed and accurate payback period.


epoda will also advise you on behavioural changes that will result in a significant reduction in your bills at zero cost!


Following this, you'll have access to your own epoda report and energy planner, complete with personalised energy advice.


epoda recognises that your home is as individual as you are, so each report is calculated on your own energy consumption, your own appliances and even your home's specific location in the country.


Things you will need


All you need to complete this survey is a tape measure and 20 minutes of your time.



What you'll get


A fully costed report specific to you as an individual and your home.

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