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epoda green deal

Online Pre-Assessment software for generating Green Deal & ECO leads; use on any of your own projects and any client projects such as Utilities & Local Authorities Green Deal & ECO programmes.

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epoda home

epoda home is a free service that analyses your energy and water usage and advises how you can save money.

You'll be able to pick the products you want to install and view how each of them will perform in your home, with a detailed and accurate payback period.

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epoda commercial

The complete tool for comprehensive energy auditing. We have the industry experience to know what the commercial auditor or energy manager needs – and epoda have poured our expertise into this software product to help businesses maximise their energy efficiency potential.

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Can you identify households in Fuel Poverty?

Our Fuel Poverty Indicator software, developed in conjunction with epoda, identifies those who are fuel poor in line with the statutory definition of fuel poverty, which is conforming to Professor Hills DECC commissioned report of fuel poverty and the consultation update to include the low cost high income methodology.

CEA Ltd works to support the alleviation of fuel poverty, and we have developed our Fuel Poverty Low Income / High Cost software solution to further support this work. Our software and data services are completely free to Local Authorities and Community Interest Company's (CIC's) who currently work with partner stakeholders to alleviate fuel poverty in local communities.

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